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Mocha (poem)


by SaddleSonny


Mocha, oh Mocha

Mocha, yes, yes.

How tall is this horse?

Can one even guess?

His head bobs above

Like a big chocolate angel.

And his silk-soft coat is

One-hundred-per-cent regal.


Mocha, oh Mocha

Mocha, you’re the best!

Everyone gets a laugh

Whenever there’s a guest.

You give kisses on their chest,

Leaving grass stains on their vest.

Just hope it wasn’t their very best,

For now it’s dirtier than all the rest!


Mocha, oh Mocha

You are different from the rest.

You roll onto the other side

Putting your muscles to the test.

Mulberry leaves and carrots

Are your favorite treat—

Along with chains on gates!

Those things can’t be beat.


Mocha, oh Mocha

Everyone’s favorite pet.

And oh it’s not debatable—

You’re the best dog a horse owner will ever get!

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