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WDYT 24 May 2008

Here's the next What Do You Think. Just to review, check out the links provided, then write a comment about your opinion on the matter. keep mostly on topic. Thanks,

This week's topic: Is My Little Pony a disgrace to horsekind?

Check out the MY LITTLE PONY WEBSITE (click) and decide for yourself!


little pony

It seems that the little pony is to horses what Barbie is to humans. It is pretty cute, but it is not really a horse, it moves more like a human and uses its feet like hands sometimes. But in the world of fantasy and imagination, everything is possible. Little pony is happy and colorful and brings a smile on people's faces. If taken on a fantasy level, it works, but one can not really compare them to real horses I think.

My Little Pony

As a guy, I like a man's horse, something big, not fantasy. Look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Clydesdale-busch-gardens.jpg