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Johnny is my current riding horse. He is a 10 or 11 year old Paint gelding. He tries to act tough but he's really a big softie. Though one thing I don't get...I have ridden him in 2 Team Sorting events and everyone is like "Wait--you're...you're riding...Johnny?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Or like "Wow, I rode him all the time in lessons, but once I rode him at a show, I never got back on him again." I am so confused. What am I missing here??? He was fine for me? Okay, he wouldn't really stand still, but he didn't buck me off or something like one girl implied.
Anyways, he's got the smoothest trot ever, and he's the only horse I've ever cantered on. You've just got to motivate him.
Here are some pics:
Tacking Johnny
Farm Life




first, I love the little guinea pig turning around in his box.
Second, I personally know Johnny, and I like him a lot, he has a sense of humor and is mischievous.