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My First Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was my first show! I just got back. Let me tell you a little--or maybe a lot ;)--about what went on.

We got to Blue Lakes at around 11:30. I tacked up Johnny. He was in a good mood because he wasn't in the midst of eating. I brought him to the warm-up ring and, well...warmed up. Tom had told me I could try out the show arena so I went in. There's a gate where the warm-up ring flows into the larger arena, and I learned that's where Johnny's problems lie. (Keep in mind some of the things people have said about Johnny at shows.) He was not very happy about it--or rather, he was extremely happy about it, in a very excited way. He rushed through it, and I had to work on keeping him at a slower gait. We went around, trotting and cantering, and then headed back into the warm-up ring to canter a bit more. So then I decided we would try out the show arena once more before the show actually started. Well, Johnny had more in mind than just to just "trying it out." I thought I had him under control until he BOLTED a SPRINT across the arena. It felt like slow-mo but it we were on the other side in seconds. I didn't want to pull the reins harder than necessary in fear of a rear. Johnny turned at the corner and at that moment I knew I was going to fall off. I felt myself sliding with a jolt out of the saddle.
No way. I'm not gunna let this happen, Johnny boy.
planted my feet in the stirrups, pushed one leg forward, and pulled my Johnny-Cakes to a trot, and then soon after, a walk. We walked around the arena, then I got him going faster, and we practiced our course. I was not going to let him get away with this in the show! 
We waited in the warm-up ring--the show was starting! I'd signed up for the first three classes--the first was called "Keyhole" where you have to go up through the two cones, and then back. I was last to go...and nervous about how I would be controlling my beastie. But Tom came and held Johnny until we'd gotten through the gate. Then we took off. It felt great. We ended up with second place! Me and my rowdy partner.
Next class I was going first--it was called "Stakes" where we have to weave 5 cones. Personally, I don't really care for weaving stuff like stakes or pole bending, but i did it for the experience...and got 4th!! (I knocked one cone down)
Finally was the third class, simply called "Down & Back." There were 4 cones set up at the other end in a small rectangle. Instead of going straight through the cones, we had to enter them from the side, and make a U-Turn sort of thing. Once again, Tom lead the overly-excited Paint with me on his back, and we took off. The results came in...it had felt pretty fast, but who was I to judge? And first place goes to....JOHNNY'S RIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was such an exhilerating day, and I felt good about leaving it at 3 classes. So I dismounted and unsaddled Johnny-Boy, leaving him a carrot in his bucket. (He greatly appreciated that.)
I went back to the sign-ups once all the classes were over, and I got my three ribbons. I must say that I am quite proud of my performance, especially considering the hundreds of pounds of muscles under me, disagreeing with my commands. Aaaaw...love ya, Johnny.
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It was very exciting for me too. But I was only watching. I was so proud of you, you handled Johnny so well. You go well together. I can not imagine you on another horse. Way to go girl,what a success, good for you to be game and do the show.


Aww! That sounds so much fun... you're inspiring me more and more to try out riding.
So... how many people about were in each contest?