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Jul. 27th, 2008



To see the most AMAZING horse riding video, click HERE.

Ha ha, fooledja! It was, however, definitely worth spending your life watching that...right?

Fine, to make this horse related....
Did you know that horses like eating bananas? (AAAAAAAHhhhhhhh run my loverly banana pair, RUUUNNN!!!!!!)

May. 24th, 2008


WDYT 24 May 2008

Here's the next What Do You Think. Just to review, check out the links provided, then write a comment about your opinion on the matter. keep mostly on topic. Thanks,

This week's topic: Is My Little Pony a disgrace to horsekind?

Check out the MY LITTLE PONY WEBSITE (click) and decide for yourself!

May. 23rd, 2008



Here I will post some quotes. And just in case I haven't told you before, if there is a * on the subject title it means there has been an update, plus any more stars will mean that there have been even more. If you have any quotes please MESSAGE them to me (not post comment).

"We have no right to distress any of God's creatures without a good reason; we call them dumb animals, and so they are for they cannot tell us how they feel; but they do not suffer less because they have no words."
--Anna Sewell

May. 20th, 2008


Prince Caspian Horses

Here are the pictures of some horses in the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. (Prince Caspian's black horse is, I'm guessing & pretty much sure, a Friesian)

May. 12th, 2008


Story Topics

If you've read my first Palomino Pasture, I am looking for suggestions from you. What possible events or challenges could come up at the Nevada ranch with Mocha, Mochie, and the rest of the horses?

Post suggestions please!

May. 10th, 2008


WDYT: 10 May 2008

It's time for the 1st Weekly What Do You Think. Read this post and then post your opinion. It's okay to rant, but please do not go off into "Blah blah blah because its stupid they are so dumb!!!!!" etc be backed up in what you say. And try to stay mostly on topic. But you've got a little leeway. ;) Please read both articles before posting. Though a new WDYT is posted each Saturday (or will be, hopefully!), you can still post over past ones.

WDYT Topic: Kentucky Derby Racer (Eight Belles)'s Death

First Acticle is from ASPCA: News Alert May 9, 2008

Tragedy struck at Churchill Downs this past Saturday, when Eight Belles—the first filly to run the race since 1999—collapsed with two broken ankles after coming in second at the Kentucky Derby. Due to injuries so severe she couldn’t be moved off the track, the three-year-old equine was euthanized immediately following the race.

While there is no evidence that Eight Belles was the victim of abuse, the fact remains that she was subject to compete in a sport known for its inhumane tactics.

“The fragile nature of thoroughbred racehorses and the stress and rigors these animals undergo are loudly evidenced in this tragedy,” said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “The sport of horse racing is no different than other forms of entertainment where animals are forced to perform, oftentimes in stressful and inhumane conditions. These include being raced too young before reaching physical maturity, being raced excessively, being forced to run on hard or slippery surfaces or being injected with drugs to enhance performance.”

It is unfortunate that almost all racing jurisdictions—New York being one exception—now allow potent anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs to be administered to injured and lame horses to keep them racing in spite of chronic and painful injuries.

To read our complete statement issued earlier this week, please visit ASPCA.org.



Second Article:

Filly Eight Belles is 2nd, but suffers fatal injury

By Seattle Times news services

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Eight Belles finished second in Saturday's Kentucky Derby, but any celebration turned to grief and sorrow when the filly collapsed with two broken ankles and had to be euthanized.

Trainer Larry Jones was clearly emotional and fighting back tears as he spoke at his barn after the race at Churchill Downs.

"I never knew anything had happened," he said.

Jones, who sent out Hard Spun to finish second in last year's Derby, said, "We were high-fiving. We were ecstatic. I thought we had déjà vu with last year. As she galloped around the turn, she was following [winner] Big Brown and her ears were up. I knew she'd be back quick to be unsaddled.

"When I heard a horse had broke down, I thought that maybe it was one of the ones that had run poorly. I saw [jockey Gabriel Saez] on [NBC interviewer] Donna Brothers' horse and I said, 'What's up?' He said, 'Mister Larry, they put her down.' She ran the race of her life."

As Eight Belles slowed her pace after the race, she collapsed with condylar fractures in both legs, said Larry Bramlage, an on-call veterinarian representing the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

"It's something that I wouldn't even have considered," Bramlage said. "I haven't seen this before."

Because she didn't have a front leg that could be splinted, she was immediately euthanized, Bramlage said.

There was "absolutely nothing you could do," Bramlage said. "This was tough enough had it been one, but it happened in both [legs]."

A necropsy was scheduled and her owner, Fox Hill Farm's Richard Porter, asked that she be cremated.

Saez said he stood up after they passed the finish line and felt Eight Belles start to gallop in an unusual manner.

"I tried to pull her up, but she went down," he said.

At Jones' barn, people came and went, many with tears in their eyes.

"These things are our family," Jones said of the filly. "We've put everything into them that we have and they've given us everything that they have. They put their life on the damn line and she was glad to do it."

Eight Belles came into the 1-¼-mile Derby on a four-race winning streak, but had not raced farther than 1-1/16 miles. Porter and Jones decided to enter her in the Derby rather than entering her in Friday's 1-1/8-mile Kentucky Oaks, the showcase for fillies.

A Jones-trained filly, Proud Spell, won the Oaks by 5 lengths.

In the week leading up to the Derby, Jones often spoke of Eight Belles' strength and ability to take on a field of 19 colts.

"She went out in glory," Jones said, his voice breaking. "She went out a champion to us."

Because of the distance from the grandstand, many in the crowd didn't realize tragedy had struck.

"Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief that everyone came around the track cleanly and then all of a sudden it happened," Bramlage said.

"Horses really tire. They are taking a lot of load on their skeleton because their muscles are fatigued. The difficult thing to explain with her is it's so far after the wire, and she was easing down like you'd like to see a horse slow down by that point. I don't have an explanation for it."



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Lorenzo the Flying Horseman

No...I don't believe it!!! No way!!!!!!! It's impossible!! (Then again, I did see Cavalia (click click!!) with my very own eyes...ha ha, yes, I like to flaunt that.)

To see Lorenzo the Flying Horseman, click HERE.


Mocha is a very special horse because he was the first that I got to know. He is a chocolate palomino gelding, but I'll have to ask what breed he is. (Any breed of horse can be registered as a palomino just according to their coat, so they could really be any breed.) It's kinda weird because Mocha is helping me get to know horses, but I don't really know about him personally, at least not about his history. I want to though so I'm going to ask next time I go see him with Ms. Everhart. Well I do know this though: His birthday is April 1st! And I know about his little characteristics like nibbling chains, rolling all the way over, rearing up to eat mulberry leaves, oh yes he is a very mouthy horse who actually bit my bra which was quite a close one that freaked me out. But he's not doing it to hurt anyone, or anything, he just likes to nibble!
Now, here are some pictures, but he looks pretty different now, because he's shed out his light winter coat, and now he is all chocolate, but here are some pics anyways:
MochaHorse Whisperer


Ellie is the best horse for such a beginner as me! Her full name is "Far's Elegance" because her sire was Far. She is a bay with a white blaze (at least I'm hoping I'm getting all this equine-vocabulary right!), and is 17 years old. She is half Quarter Horse (ha ha "half quarter") and half Arabian. She is just an angel. Everything she does she does with an "Is this okay for you?" attitude. I just love her. Here are some pictures. (My userpic is of her, too.)
Cleaning Feet
Back Home

May. 7th, 2008


Mocha (poem)


by SaddleSonny


Mocha, oh Mocha

Mocha, yes, yes.

How tall is this horse?

Can one even guess?

His head bobs above

Like a big chocolate angel.

And his silk-soft coat is

One-hundred-per-cent regal.


Mocha, oh Mocha

Mocha, you’re the best!

Everyone gets a laugh

Whenever there’s a guest.

You give kisses on their chest,

Leaving grass stains on their vest.

Just hope it wasn’t their very best,

For now it’s dirtier than all the rest!


Mocha, oh Mocha

You are different from the rest.

You roll onto the other side

Putting your muscles to the test.

Mulberry leaves and carrots

Are your favorite treat—

Along with chains on gates!

Those things can’t be beat.


Mocha, oh Mocha

Everyone’s favorite pet.

And oh it’s not debatable—

You’re the best dog a horse owner will ever get!

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